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USA to Europe Kick Start Pack

Exporting to the European Union (EU) is a great opportunity for American companies during the current economic recession, especially when considering the exchange rate of the US dollar versus the Euro.

If you consider exporting machines to the EU, you may face the question: ďHas it to be CE-marked?Ē The answer is: ďYes, and it may also need to be Explosion Proof, or it may be considered to be a Pressure vessel etcĒ.
If you donít know how to do that, Amsterdam Industrial Design bv can help you out.
We are engineers with a wealth of CE experience, able to answer most questions and give practical engineering help if needed.

What is CE about?

CE is law. Before a product can be put into the European market, it has to comply to CE. It is mainly a self-marking process. If you follow the rules as outlined in the Directives, in many cases you will be able to successfully CE-mark your product.

However, the steps you have to take in order to comply often require a lot of work and even more if you donít exactly know what you are doing. It can be a very costly business.

Regularly new Directives and amendments are introduced. By the end of this year a new Machinery Directive comes into force. You need to prepare for that.

There are Directives relating to:

Amsterdam Industrial Design bv is usually able to drive costs down and make you understand what this is about quickly.

What does Amsterdam Industrial Design bv offer?

For $1575* incl. TAX per product, we offer the USA to Europe Kick Start Package, comprising the following services:

How does it work?

  1. Send us your details by e-mail (, and ask for our details. Make sure to tell us who is the contact person in your company. You will always be dealing with the same engineer on our end.
  2. We will send you a quotation and our USA2EU terms and conditions. They have to be agreed and signed upon by you.
  3. You send us the details of the product you would like us to review, together with any documentation like userís manuals, brochures etc.
  4. Weíll send you an invoice
  5. Pay us US$ 1575 incl. TAX by bank.
  6. You also may send us a cheque for US$ 1600 incl. TAX by i.e. DHL. You will pay a surcharge per cheque of US$ 25 due to banking costs.
  7. In the mean time we may have some additional questions, so we wonít have the payment standing in our way to already preparing some answers.

Please note the following.

How can I be sure I get the answers I am looking for?

You canít be. We will mainly guide you into a direction. This may involve more work for you to do. You may involve us in this; as we are specializing in risk-assessments, technical documentation and engineering matters in general. CE is unfortunately not for free, but it is mandatory for many things.
You donít have to involve us in this. There is no obligation to do that.
Our guaranty is that we will take you seriously and help you as much as possible. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Breda (, The Netherlands, number 20117658. Our terms and conditions are submitted there as well.

What donít I get?

But what do I get?