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Amsterdam Industrial Design bv is specialised in the information needs of industrial processes. We can show you the need for documentation inside your organisation. Covering the spectrum from design, via manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning maintenance and repairs all the way to troubleshooting and, most importantly, logging of feedback.

Example 1: For a manufacturer of pipe-laying ships, we designed a users manual which not only covered above mentioned subjects, but also all documentation required for Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and Off-shore Testing. This resulted in a significant reduction of service engineers being dispatched for service work.

Example 2: A manufacturer of industrial elevators now uses a modular set of documentation, easily adjustable on changing requirements. As a result the number of manuals and the costs for translations fell dramatically.

Example 3: For a manufacturer of oil-tools we developed a number of modules for extreme complicated machines. As a result the users of those products were able to start using those tools without the manufacturer engineers having to support them in the field. It saved the company considerable financial costs and resources and the customer was happy because they were producing from day one.

Example 4: Carrying out risk assessments at an early stage of the design process prevented a manufacturer of HPUs from having withdraw a number of HPUs from the field, redesign and modify them. Simply leaving out an obsolete accumulator reduced the volume of oil in the system, which turned out to be the solution.