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Amsterdam Industrial Design bv provides a one-stop-shop for your engineering documentation needs for many companies. The process of understanding, writing and (finally) printing / digitising technical documentation is often a time-consuming activity.

For Amsterdam Industrial Design bv it is the core of our business We look after the entire process, from start to finish.

Our main goal is to provide the required product, on time and to full satisfaction. We are driven by our solid craftsmanship, expertise and our enthusiasm. This enables us to ensure that we will deliver what you expect, with the help of any state-of-the art tools available.

Our work is transparent, ensuring all source information will be provided to those who need it (and are allowed to get it). We donít keep information to ourselves; all work we do is available at your disposal. We use readily available tools such as off-the shelf software and we wonít make promises we canít keep.

Subjects we are dealing with regurlarly are:

  1. Industrial lifts/hoists
  2. Naval architecture
  3. Loading
  4. Winches
  5. Piphandling
  6. Handling tools
  7. Cranes
  8. Pipe laying barges and devices
  9. Cable laying barges and devices
  10. IMO
  11. CE
  12. API
  13. SOLAS
  14. Notified bodies
  15. Risk assessments
  16. ATEX
  17. PED
  18. etc etc.